'We are here to be part of a great thing', says Italy captain


Osaka, Japan, October 10, 2018 - Italy Captain Cristina Chirichella: To lose the first set is part of the game. We are here to be part of a great thing and we have the motivation to do a good job. It does not matter if we lose the first set. It is part of the game.

Italy Coach Davide Mazzanti: I am happy with today's result because it means we have maintained the No. 1 ranking in the group. It showed how difficult it is to stay at No. 1. At the beginning of the match our defence was not so good but gradually we improved.

Russia No. 18 Kseniia Parubets: To sum up this game I would say that in the second and third sets we could not receive well. We will review our mistakes for tomorrow's game and do our best.

Russia Coach Vadim Pankov: I understand Italy is very strong because we have played them many times. If we lost this game it meant we could not be No. 1 in the group ranking so it was very important for us. We played really well in the first set and halfway through the second set, especially in defence. The motivation was really strong but the game plan was not successful.


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