Turkey captain praises Thais as 'really great team'


Osaka, Japan, October 11, 2018 - Turkey Captain Eda Erdem: Today it was important for us to finish this tournament with a win. Thailand is a great team. In Asian volleyball they play with too much variation and too much combination and their side-out is so strong. We knew they would push us with a strong serve and a strong attack and they always fight so hard in defence; they never let one ball fall down. I have to congratulate them. They are a really great team. For us, I think we started good in the first set but they (Thailand) served really good and attacked really good and we could not find our rhythm. In the second set we started to serve better and started to attack better and make our block and defence. In the end we won 3-1 and we are happy to finish this tournament with a win. It is good to finish with a winning 5-4 record and this game was also important for our world ranking. I hope next time it will be 9-0 and always winning for us.

Turkey Coach Giovanni Guidetti: I totally agree with my captain and I congratulate Thailand. They are a really amazing volleyball team and for me are an example and something where I want to learn a lot because they compete at this level with no centimetre at all, so they are really doing something extraordinary. I am happy my team stayed focused and aggressive even in the last match. I am proud of our tournament but I am not happy the way we played against the big teams because against China, Italy, Russia and USA we should have played better no question and should have fought much better no question. But against all the other teams I am happy we won in a clear way. It was a tournament for us without miracles, without dreams, but we have arrived in the top 10 in the world and we want to start to work from this point.

Thailand Captain Pleumjit Thinkaow: It was a good match for us. We served well in the first set but in the second set Turkey's serve improved. We are proud that our team could enter the second round of this tournament. It was a good experience for all our players.

Thailand Coach Danai Sriwachamaytakul: The Turkey players are very tall and they have speed and fast combinations. Our team played well even though we are not as tall as them. I want to thank all my players and staff because I am really satisfied with how we have played here.


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