Korea's experience got the better of us, says T&T captain


Kobe, Japan, October 4, 2018 - Trinidad and Tobago Captain Renele Forde: I think today's game was a good show for the crowd and for the people watching today. I think the performance of the team definitely was one step up from every other day this tournament. I am disappointed with the result, however, because I believe that we should have taken that last set. I think Korea's experience took the better of us and was able to capitalise on the advantage that we had and control our emotions. Some of us got a little tense in that moment when we should have taken that set. However, I think the game in general was a good performance by the team although I am disappointed by the result because, of course, we could have done more.

Trinidad and Tobago Head Coach Francisco Cruz Jimenez: Really I am very happy with the performance of the players. We came here and our world ranking (34) was the last team and very behind the rest of the teams. However, I have seen some things in all the tournament - the players have played very good with everybody and this means that the team has a very good future and only needs to continue to work. With more facilites and more experience, in four years I am sure there is a big problem for the rest of the teams.

Korea Captain Kim Yeon Koung: Finally we won our first match and that is very positive for us to get a good result. Through all the games in this tournament we have done well. If we had beaten Thailand in the first game, all of the games would have been different from the results we have.

Korea Head Coach Cha Haewon: This is the biggest competition and we could not reach the required results and I am sorry for that. We found some right combinations with the players and this result has given us some pride.


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