Italy announce women’s national team roster


Italy coach Davide Mazzanti selected 28 players for the 2018 season

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 4, 2018 – Coach Davide Mazzanti has selected 28 players who will represent Italy in competitions this year, including the FIVB Volleyball Nations League and the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship.

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The announcement was made on Tuesday, just over a month before the inaugural edition of the Volleyball Nations League begins on May 15.

Mazzanti divided the 28 athletes into two groups that will work in parallel and follow the same game system. The first group will compete in the Volleyball Nations League, while the second group – the national "under 2020” – will play in the Mediterranean Games.

After these tournaments, Mazzanti will reduce the line-up to 18 players that will prepare for the World Championship in Japan.

Italy’s young superstar Paola Egonu will be back to lead the national team in 2018

“The main selection criterion was the athlete’s performance during the club season,” Mazzanti said. “Although the list also includes girls with little international experience, I wanted to reward them for the development they made throughout the year.

“In addition to the level of play and quality, I always demanded for the competitiveness of the athlete especially in gearing up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The higher the level of competition and the quality of the game they play, the better.”

The team will start their first activity at the Centro Pavesi in Milan, where they will train alongside Club Italia Crai.

Cristina Chirichella will also be back this year but Caterina Bosetti will miss this year’s competitions due to an injury

Italian women’s national team roster (2018)
1. Beatrice Berti
2. Sara Bonifacio
3. Lucia Bosetti
4. Alexandra Botezat
5. Carlotta Cambi
6. Cristina Chirichella
7. Anna Danesi
8. Alice Degradi
9. Chiara De Bortoli
10. Monica De Gennaro
11. Isabella Di Iulio
12. Paola Egonu
13. Sara Fahr
14. Raphaela Folie
15. Alessia Gennari
16. Anastasia Guerra
17. Marina Lubian
18. Ofelia Malinov
19. Camilla Mingardi
20. Anna Nicoletti
21. Silvia Nwakalor
22. Rossella Olivotto
23. Alessia Orro
24. Serena Ortolani
25. Beatrice Parrocchiale
26. Elena Pietrini
27. Myriam Sylla


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