FIVB Volleyball World Championships 2018 qualification process confirmed


As defending women's champions, USA qualify directly for the World Championships in Japan in 2018

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 7, 2016 – The FIVB Board of Administration approved the qualification criteria for the 2018 edition of the FIVB’s premier volleyball tournament - the FIVB Volleyball World Championships.

The FIVB Volleyball World Championships take place every four years with the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship 2018 taking place in Italy and Bulgaria, while Japan will host the FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Championship 2018.

The new conditions as per below of the qualification process will ensure greater and guaranteed participation throughout the entire qualification process.

1.     Each Confederation to be responsible for the qualification process
2.    Registered teams to participate in the qualification process
3.    The qualification system to be played between May 15, 2016 and October 15, 2017
4.    The Drawing of Lots for the FIVB Volleyball World Championships to take place by December 2017 (using the FIVB World Ranking as of October 16, 2017)

Process Vacancies:

1.    Top ranked teams from each Confederation will skip the first round. The current world champion is directly qualified for the next FIVB Volleyball World Championships
2.    Host Countries are directly qualified (including if there are two hosts). The Confederation vacancy is adjusted accordingly.

FIVB Sports Events Council President and Europe Confederation President Aleksander Boricic emphasised to the Board that “all teams registered for an Olympic or FIVB world and official competition qualification process must participate in all phases of the event that they are qualified for.”

Meanwhile, the Board of Administration approved the proposal to use a pre-determined formula for the selection of an “All Star Team” based on a calculation of the different statistics of individual fundamentals. Calculations will start from the third round/quarterfinals with the Most Valuable Player coming from the tournament winning team.

Wing Spikers: 2 players: Attack + Receptions + Serve + Block + DIG
Middle Blockers: 2 players: Attack + Receptions + Serve + Block + DIG
Opposite Player: 1 Player: Attack + Receptions + Serve + Block + DIG
Libero 1 Player: Receptions + Dig + Set
Setter 1 Player: Set + Serve + Block + Dig + Attack  


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