Bulgaria captain says losing concentration is biggest problem


Osaka, Japan, October 8, 2018 - Bulgaria Captain Hristina Ruseva: As I told you before the main problem in our team as you can see is losing concentration. We are a really young team but, of course, this is not an excuse. We played at a really bad level. Russia have too much experience and they used this moment to win easily.

Bulgaria Coach Ivan Petkov: We did not have a lot of focus on court and we did not make good tactical decisions. I hope this game is really important about the future and we can take this experience for next year.

Russia Captain Evgeniya Startseva: Today's match was not so good because we made so many mistakes, but finally we could focus and get the victory. We need to think about all the mistakes we made.

Russia Coach Vadim Pankov: It was very tough because Bulgaria were very focused so we needed to concentrate hard. We lost one set so we have plenty to think about.


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