Azerbaijan reach their goal and are heading to Osaka


Kobe, Japan, October 3, 2018 - Azerbaijan Captain Odina Aliyeva: We are very satisfied with this result because it means we have reached our goal.

Azerbaijan Assistant Coach Famil Aghayev: In every game our aim is to play hard in each set to get the points and we achieved this today.

Trinidad and Tobago Captain Renele Forde: I would say our style of play is quite similar to Azerbaijan. There are many things we did well but, of course, we still have our weak points, especially in defence. Over these last few days our performance has improved a lot and we can show our power, block, serve and ball control.

Trinidad and Tobago Head Coach Francisco Cruz Jimenez: I think the players have adjusted to playing in such a big gymnasium and now they feel comfortable. The players have become used to this atmosphere. In today's match Azerbaijan were able to do many things better than us.


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