Bulgaria coach saw plenty of positive moments from his team


Osaka, Japan, October 11, 2018 - Bulgaria Coach Ivan Petkov: For our young players it was a really important tournament for them to grow up and we had many discussions about what we need to do better. We saw too many mistakes during the games but also we saw a lot of positive moments in the organisation of the game. This year for me it has been a great pleasure to work with these girls and I wish them all success and good health for the season with their clubs.

Bulgaria Captain Hristina Ruseva: I am really happy that we finished this World Championship with a win. Yesterday we had a really big fight against Thailand and they made us more tired, and also we have had a lot of games. I am happy we could continue to focus on this match and we can win.

Azerbaijan Captain Odina Aliyeva: This World Championship has already finished and this is not the result we expected, so I hope in the future we will start to play much better than in this championship. Of course we have very strong attackers on our corner and some of our players are very young and do not have much experience, like our setters. They do not play in very strong competitions and this is why I think we had trouble in the second round. I hope they will gain some experience from the games they played and it will be better.

Assistant Coach Famil Aghayev: The World Championship is finished and of course we are not happy about the result. We could have won more games. But volleyball is not finished and we have a lot of games in the future and we will try to prepare much better.


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