We did our job but we need to improve: Guidetti


Turkey coach Giovanni Guidetti watches against Cuba

 Sapporo, Japan, October 4, 2018 – Turkey ended the first round of matches of the FIVB World Championship in Sapporo with a 3-2 record after beating winless Cuba 3-1 (25-15, 25-14, 23-25, 25-7) at Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center on Thursday. 

Turkey coach Giovanni Guidetti: We did our job and won the match with three points, but I’m not happy with the way we played in the third set. But now we’re looking forward to Osaka. I was happy with the way the team played against Canada and Bulgaria; we played consistently and well. I believe we could have fought more against Italy and China, even if they are better than us. We could have given them more trouble. We need to improve our block, attack and defence. 

Turkey captain Eda Erdem Dundar: Today, apart from the third set I think we played good. We served good and blocked good. Today, we entered the court with the goal of being more positive and to try and find our rhythm and team spirit and to be positive with one another. And also to win. It’s good that we won with three points for the ranking. Now we are going to Osaka and it’s going to be a tough second round, but I think we are ready; we must be ready for it. I want to say that I think Cuba has really talented players. They are very young but in the future I think their volleyball will be as it used to be, so I want to congratulate them.

Cuba coach Tomas Fernandez: I’m very satisfied with the way we played against a high-level team like Turkey. They are always one of the best and the teams that coach Guidetti coaches always get good result. So it’s good we were able to play against a high-level team. We achieved some of our goals but Turkey served well and we didn’t receive well, so we need to improve. 

Cuba captain Diaris Perez: Today’s game was very difficult, especially in receiving, but there were some good points as well. However, despite playing well sometimes we couldn’t win, but being in this first round of the World Championship was a great experience for us. Now we know the world level so in future we want to get better. 


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