Thai captain says key to victory was ability to adjust


Kobe, Japan, September 29, 2018 - Thailand came back from one set down to beat Korea Republic 3-2 in a Pool C Asian classic at Kobe Green Arena on Saturday night.

Korea Captain Kim Yeon Koung: We really thought we could win this match but we were unable to maintain our serve and defence after the first set. We could not keep this quality in our play and this led to our defeat.

Korea Head Coach Cha Haewon: I thought we prepared very well but it was not enough. Thailand spiked very well and were able to engage us in long rallies. We could not respond to this.

Thailand Captain Thinkaow Pleumjit: It was a very difficult game but we were able to adjust to all the problems during the game and keep scoring points.  

Thailand Head Coach Danai Sriwachamaytakul: From the beginning of the match we were able to serve well, but what made the difference was that in the second set we reduced the careless errors. This is one of the reasons why we could win the game.


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