Japan coach proud that players could refocus


Yokohama, Japan, October 1, 2018 - Japan Head Coach Kumi Nakada: We lost yesterday's match (3-2 against Netherlands) in a very disappointing way so I was worried if the players could focus on today's match. But they switched their mindset from yesterday to today's match and this was a very good point. After the defeat yesterday I wanted to re-set the team and, with such a long way ahead, I thought today was a good time to make major changes to the starting members.

Japan Captain Nana Iwasaka: For me it was the first time to be a starter in this competition so I was a bit nervous, but I was able to fulfill my role. Every member of the team has played on the court after this match so that is good. On some occasions our play was not so sophisticated or smooth and this needs to be corrected. But, after yesterday's defeat (to Netherlands), we kept our heads up from this morning's training session. Even though we have a rest day tomorrow we want to keep this momentum going and and prepare for the next match as one together.

Mexico Captain Andrea Rangel: We played a good match but the result was disappointing. We were able to gain the experience we need. Japan's serve was very strong.

Mexico Head Coach Ricardo De Jesus Naranjo: We were able to play our own kind of volleyball today but, of course, Japan is higher in class than us for sure. Japan served very well and this hugely undermined our attacking capability. In some moments we were able to compete equally with Japan.


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