Italy's level of volleyball was very high: Turkey coach Guidetti


Italy captain Cristina Chirichella scored seven points against Turkey

Sapporo, Japan, October 3, 2018 – Paola Egonu was Italy’s top scorer for the fourth match running as they dominated Turkey 3-0 (25-19, 25-21, 25-12) on the fourth day of action in the FIVB World Championship at Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center on Wednesday. Turkey coach Giovanni Guidetti conceded that Italy had dominated the match.

Turkey coach Giovanni Guidetti: Big congratulations to Italy. I think if they were to play like this in 10 matches, we would be lucky to win once. Their level of volleyball was very high and they were better than us in all parts of the game. They gave us no chance. You have to respect your opponent when they are better than us. 

Turkey captain Eda Erdem Dundar: There is nothing much to say. This was one of our target games but we played really badly and Italy played really good. From now on it will be really hard for us. We have one more game tomorrow. Hopefully, we will make it to the second round. It will be difficult, but we still have a chance

Italy coach Davide Mazzanti: It was an excellent match and we both played well, but I think we played our best. There are still points that we can improve on, but we won because the players concentrated well during the game.

Italy captain Cristina Chirichella: It was a tough game and we needed to keep high concentration and play at a high level. Sometimes we weren’t so good and then Turkey got close to us, so we needed to keep a high pace and we did well. Turkey are a very strong team so it was good to win this match and it has an important meaning for us. Tomorrow [against China] will be very tough and will determine who gets first place so we need to keep a high level like today. China are very strong, so it will be a tough game. 


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