FIVB, JVA and JADA host anti-doping programme at Women's World Championship


Athletes have been taking part in the FIVB's anti-doping programme at the Women's World Championship

Yokohama, Japan, October 17, 2018 - The FIVB, Japan Volleyball Association, and the Japan Anti-Doping Agency have been working with the players and staff at the Japan 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship to continue building on the “Play Clean” movement in volleyball.
The programme is designed to help the world’s leading players and their support staff to develop their understanding of anti-doping regulations and to underline their responsibilities as sporting role models.

There was also the chance for players to reflect on what values they had learned in their volleyball careers and what values they want to pass on to the next generation of players.

As part of the programme that is now into its fourth year, captains from the teams that are competing at Japan 2018 were able to film videos in which they spoke about their love of the sport and their desire to see it maintain a strong anti-doping stance.

The clips that were filmed at the Yokohama and Hamamatsu venues will be integrated as a short clip and used as part of the FIVB’s “Play Clean” campaign and JADA’s “PLAY TRUE 2020, Sport for Tomorrow” legacy programme.

As well as learning how to avoid the perils of doping, participants also took part in JADA’s “Real Champion Anti-Doping Quiz” to demonstrate their understanding of anti-doping rules, with a “Play Clean×PLAY TRUE” prize giveaway for those who registered a perfect score. The participants then wrote their sport-inspired "TRUTH" on a message poster. As part of a new initiative, the messages on clean sport were also added to the competition booklet to encourage spectators' awareness of the campaign.

The FIVB, JVA and JADA partnership to protect clean sport and foster the future of sport will continue up to and beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


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