'All the girls gave all their heart', says Bulgaria captain


Osaka, Japan, October 10, 2018 - Bulgaria Captain Hristina Ruseva: We are really happy that today we won and all of the girls gave all their heart. This was a really important game for us and I am really happy and really proud. Thailand have incredible defence and play really good with all those combinations and good service. It was really hard and a really different type of play, so I am really happy that we took our concentration and we won today.

Bulgaria Coach Ivan Petkov: We are really happy after this game because of how we fought for the victory. I think that today we showed our great character because we played against a team which has a lot of confidence and is very difficult to play against.

Thailand Captain Pleumjit Thinkaow: It was a tough game because Bulgaria has good speed and technique compared to other European teams. We could not play our way. It was unfortunate that we lost a lot of points in a row due to their strong serve. We have a limited number of players because of injuries but in training we have been trying different positions just in case we need to cover this, so our training has been good from this aspect.

Thailand Coach Danai Sriwachamaytakul: Today's game was really difficult because Bulgaria has good speed and a strong attack. In the first set we could not cope with Bulgaria's game plan especially their serve and block but in the second and third sets we could react well to that. Our team numbers are limited but tomorrow is our last game and we hope to end with a win.


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